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Minquartia guianensis





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Minquartia guianensis is a very hard wood tree that is resistant to water. As a result a felled tree can lie under water or in mud for many years without decomposing. For this reason wambula logs are used for constructing bridges over creeks for pickups and other vehicles in rural areas. The bark is highly toxic. However when administered in small doses it serves as a medicine to kill stomach worms. This should not be tried except under the direction of trusted experts. The sap can also be applied externally to kill skin parasites. Only one species of caterpillar, the wambula curu has adapted to be able to feed on the leaves.

Talking About Wambula

Delicia Dagua - Minquartia Guianensis Cures Tapeworm

Wambula Fruit

Minquartia guianensis fruit are eaten by many birds including chachalachas and also by agoutis and pacas when they fall to the ground.

Wambula Leaves

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