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  • When should I arrive in Quito?
    BYU, and FLAS students should arrange to arrive in Quito on the evening of Saturday June 8. Around 11:30 PM or after the last student flight arrives that evening a chartered bus will take the group to the hotel. If you arrive well after midnight or earlier in the day you must arrange and pay for your own transportation to the hotel. ​ A chartered bus will take the group to the Field School location at Iyarina, near Tena, on Sunday morning June 9. Classes will begin at Iyarina on the Rio Napo Monday morning June 10, 2024.
  • What is the address of the hotel we stay at in Quito?
    Hotel Allpachaca Address: Conector Alpachaca, Quito 000001 Phone: 011-593-96 297 0021
  • How do we get from the airport to the hotel?
    A single group transport will be provided after all students have arrived. The pickup time for this transport will be communicated once we have your itineraries. You can also take a taxi the short distance to the hotel at your own expense. A taxi to the Hotel Alpachaca Hotel Allpachaca costs 7 dollars. Address: Conector Alpachaca, Quito 000001 Phone: 011-593-96 297 0021
  • What happens if my luggage does not arrive?
    If for some reason your luggage is delayed the airline will deliver your luggage to the Field School in the Tena area only if you sign a release. You must go to the airline desk and sign a release before leaving the airport.
  • What happens if I miss my flight or miss the chartered bus?
    Students sometimes miss the bus to the Field School because of delayed flights or other complications in their individual schedules. If this happens students should contact the Field School Director Tod Swanson. Dr. Swanson's Ecuadorian cell phone is 480 276 5913 and works on WhatsApp You can also email Students are responsible for covering the cost of the alternative arrangements. The cost of a taxi from Quito to Iyarina is approximately $120. The cost of a public bus ride from Quito to Tena is about $7. The cost of a taxi from Tena to the Field School at Iyarina Lodge is $10.
  • What time will the chartered bus get me to the airport on the day we depart?
    On the departure date a chartered bus will drop students off at the Quito airport at approximately 6 PM. The airlines like you to be at the airport 3 hours prior to international departures. This means that you should book a departing flight that leaves after Quito after 9PM. Pitt in Ecuador June session students should book return flights that depart after 9 PM on July 19, 2024. ​ Pitt in Ecuador July session students should book return flights that depart after 9 PM on July 19, 2024. BYU and FLAS students should book return flight that depart after 9 PM on July 19, 2024. If you leave before that time you will need to arrange your own transportation to Quito from the Tena area. The chartered bus leaves from the field school in the Tena area and returns directly to Tena from the airport without proceeding on into town. Thus students or faculty who choose to stay longer on their own will have to arrange their own transportation from the airport into Quito or their continuing destination. ​ Because the bus drops the group off at the airport at 6PM no evening meal is provided on the departure evening. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken, TGF Fridays, Steak Houses, etc. in the food courts at the airport.
  • What is the weather like?
    The average temperature at the field school in June and July is 69 degrees Farenheight with lows of 62 degrees and highs of 75 degrees. Average of 20 rainy days per month with 15 inches of rainfall per month. More weather information for Tena .
  • What should I bring?
    Laptop camera flashlight Clothing: 5 pairs of pants 5 shirts or blouses 1 swimsuit 1 warm jacket 8 pairs of socks 8 pairs of underwear 1 pair crocks or tennis shoes (crocks work great in the rainfores) 1 pair of crocks Documents: passport & copy Supplies: Personal toiletries anti-bacterial wipes aspirin/ibuprofen insect repellant pens, notebook sunglasses water bottle sun screen rain poncho. (For 7 hour canoe trip into the Waorani territory) drybag. (For canoe trip into the Waorani territory) ​Microfiber camp towel (as sold at REI or other sporting goods stores).
  • What shots do I need?
    A yellow fever vaccination is required for entry into the Yasuni National Park. (Pitt in Ecuador students will visit the Yasuni Park during the July Session only.) No vaccinations are required for entry to Ecuador. Malaria is not a threat in the Field School area. However it is endemic in parts of the Ecuadorian coast. Students should consult Center for Disease Control Information on Ecuador and their doctors. ​ Iyarina is approximately 8 miles (17 kilometers) from the Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra State Hospital): 62 886 302; There are also several pharmacies in Tena. Farmacia "Yolita": 62-886-467 Iyarina provides bottled drinking water. Tap water for bathing comes from a small stream falling from jungle hills above the Field School. Although the water is clean it should not be used for drinking. Standard safety precautions are observed in the preparation of food. Fruits and vegetables are soaked in iodine to kill bacteria. Nevertheless students who stay for an extended period of time also eat in town in a variety of settings. It is not uncommon for visitors to experience some intestinal problems. Several species of poisonous snakes are present in the environs. Visitors should exercise due caution and use a flashlight while walking outside at night. During its 13 years of operation no Field School visitor or staff member has been bitten by a snake. ​ Although there are few mosquitoes the Field School provides mosquito nets in the rooms should visitors care to use them. There are however tiny noseeums and chiggers active during the day. These insects tend to bite around the ankles. Although some visitors have no problems others become uncomfortable from itchy bites. The best defense is to wear lightweight pants tucked into socks.
  • Is there a laundry?
    Yes, we do provide laundry services at an extra cost.
  • Is it safe to travel to Ecuador?
    Please check
  • What is the official currency of Ecuador?
    The official currency of Ecuador is the US dollar.
  • Can I use ATM machines in Ecuador?
    There are ATM machines in the nearby town of Tena. Students frequently go in to Tena on weekends.
  • Is there internet at the Field School?
    At the Field School Wi-Fi is available to faculty and for classroom use 24 hours a day. Students have access to Wi-Fi 3 hours per day. There are many internet cafes in Tena that students can use for additional hours of internet access. ​
  • Will I be able to call home?
    There is good cell phone connection at the Field School. Students can purchase a US plan that allows for inexpensive calling from Ecuador. Students can also call from pay phones in Tena or use Skype from internet cafes in Tena.
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