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Our Team

Our team is a network that includes our staffa younger advisory board, a group of elders whose wisdom informs us and international scholars who collaborate in teaching and research.

Ayllu Muntun-Minga Style of Collectively working among kichwa relatives and extended indigenous relatives. As nature does, Iyarina functions through a network of family relations and friendships. 


Within 'our team' you'll meet our Family & Friends Staff consisting of our founding members, paid indigenous interns, university faculty, researchers, indigenous knowledge carriers and storytellers. 

Iyarina President, Elizabeth Swanson Andi is a Napo Kichwa communicator, story teller, film maker and community organizer.   Iyarina is located in her home community. Elizabeth is fluent in Kichwa, Spanish and English and a degree in Geography from Arizona State University.  She sees herself as a bridge to facilitate learning between her community and the broader world.

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