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Myrmecophaga tridactyla




Giant Ant-eater


Oso hormiguero gigante


Kuchi pillan

Prochilodus nigricans_edited.jpg

Talkin About Kuchi Pillan

Grandmother Ant-eater

The Grandmother Anteater A young man lived with his wife and one day he went out hunting. He arrived at the house of the anteater and heard the sound of the anteater inside. So he walked around over the home of the anteater making noise and said "Why don't you come out to help me cook?" When he said that a beautiful girl with long hair came out. "I came because you called me," the girl said. "Huh! I just spoke and I think that is why this girl appeared," the hunter thought. So the hunter said, "Ok. Let's go," and the two went away together. When he returned home they asked him, "How come you brought that girl?" and he told them, "I found her in the anteater's house." I just said "Turn into a person so you can help me cook." So he brought the anteater woman home. They (the anteaters) don't work in the day. They only work their gardens at night. Their older children started working with their mother (at night too). They had several children whom they had raised until they had grown. The husband cleared forest for a garden (in the day) and at night the wife planted the whole thing. The children of the other mother also helped them work. They worked at night and lived well. If nothing (unexpected) happens today we could have the gardens very clean. "Don't let them clear this area! They clear all of the trees." So they returned to their anteater home and turned back into anteaters. The grandparents say that they were very hard workers. They lived working very well but they went back and turned into anteaters.

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