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Scientific name

Eulodia Dagua - A Generous Host Becomes the Chuku Tree

Before he was human being .The Chuku Yura was a man. Now the man had a lot of birds from all over.The white-eyed parakeet the blue headed parrot , the morete macaw, and the amazon green parrots and then yellow crowed amazon parrot and the he had the macaw. So he had lots of people ( around him) like that and then he said ( to them) “If you want I will flower,” He said. “You all drink my flowers,” he used to say. “Really” They used to ask. In those days the macaws, parrots and parakeets were people. And then ( They asked) “Are you telling the truth?” “I am thelling the truth” Do yo want to eat my flowers? “If you do put yourselves into a hole,” He said. “A big holes” The hole was in a mountain like that. In order to drink my flower “zhinnn!” “You all cry out to me,” he said. Then those he had put in the hole stayed there in the hole. The as he had said the cried out “zhiin! Zhiin” And one said Over there! Look! Now he is crying out! Then, having said that one of them heard it clearly. One of heard it clearly and said

Eulodia Dagua - Childhood Memory Painted on a Runa Woman's Face

Prochilodus nigricans_edited.jpg

Cacicus cela




Red rumped cacique


Cacique lomiamarillo


Chawa mangu

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