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Kalanchoe pinnata




Chugri yuyu

Wao Tededo:


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Kalanchoe pinnata is used to keep fresh wounds from becoming infected and to help them heal more quickly. Its healing properties are widely recognized in the Amazonian region. The plants ability to speed the healing of human cuts may have something to do with the way the plant heals itself. If a Chugri Yuyu leaf, or even a part of a leaf, is broken off and thrown on the ground, the leaf fragment does not dry up or rot. Rather the sap of the plant ceils off the broken edge of the leaf, and in time, new roots grow from the leaf fragment. Hence the leaf and its juices are used to help ceil off cuts in people. Five or six of he rubbery leaves are either heated over the fire or heated in a small amount of water. When heated the leaves become stretchy like a rubbery plastic wrap. To cauterize the wound the hot leaves are stretched and pressed over the cut. Sometimes the process is repeated with several hot leaves. The leaves are also squeezed over the wound so that the juice drips into the cut. The healing properties of Chugri Yuyu are almost universally recognized in the Ecuadorian Amazonian region.

Talking about Chugri Yuyu

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