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A Variable Pathway Environmental Humanities  Project

"This project presents the Amazonian relation to nature by linking short videos of testimonies, stories, and songs to the names of the plant and animal species that are the subjects of the narratives... It also links species and nature to the stages of the human life cycle through which nature is experienced socially."

Explore the 'Social Relation to Nature" Through a selected species

Click the following icons to search plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates groups. 


Dynamic pages for each of these larger categories leads to a drop down menu for individual species.   Species pages contain: text on indigenous knowledge about the species; links to video narratives on the species origin in mythic times, indigenous uses and relations to the species, as well as photos and video clips of the species in different life stages.  Species are also linked to each other according to basic symbiotic relations as understood by traditional knowledge.    

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Explore the 'Social Relation to Nature" Through the human life-cycle

In addition to the interlinked species pages the site has topical pages on each stage of the human life cycle.  As it matures the human body progressively acquires attributes and skills of other species through acquired relations which I call "shared body."   Life cycle pages are linked both to the species pages and to topical chapters on nature so as to capture the social relation to nature at each stage of human life.   The nature chapters portray the relation to humans from the perspective of other species as portrayed in indigenous narratives.   The topical pages have chapter length essays linked to abstracts with a "read more" link.   They also have video channel boxes that cycle through indigenous narratives on the topic.  The chapters include quotes from the narrators with links to the videos.

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     Aging, Death, and Ancestors 

Cycles of a Body Shared with Nature. 


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Old version Promo Solar Canoe
To give birth like a shirkillu tree
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Eulodia Dagua "A man's peccary body"
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