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Test over Week 1

Which of the following sets of vowels can not contrast phonemically in Kichwa (will not cause the meaning of words to contrast).


e,i; a,o; a,u; u,e; u,i

Answer:  e,i



The following sets may or may not be real Kichwa words.  Based on phonemics alone which pair might be a dialectical variation of the word and could not contrast in meaning.


a) rena, rina; 

b) rina, rana;

c) runa, rana;

a) runa, rona

b) rana, rona;

c) rina, rona


a) lima, lama

b) limu, lamu

c) lomu, lumu



Correct Feedback

rona, runa



"ñuka" means


a. you
b. she
c. we
d. they
e. him
f. me
g. I
h. they
1. you all    


"ñukara" means


a. you
b. she
c. we
d. them
e. him
f. me
g. I
h. they
i. you all  


“ñukanchira” means



b. us  



Multiple Choice: Fill in the correct verbal suffix for person and number:

"Kan shina ni___"    (That is what you say.)


-nchi;  -ngui;  -ni; -n

Correct: -ngui  (second person singular "you")


Select the verbal suffix for  “They eat corn”: Sarara miku____"   

  -nchi;-ngui; -ni; -n; -nguichi; -nawn


Answer:  Sarara mikunawn.



Kanwa rima_____ munani.   Choose the correct ending to create the sentence "I want to speak with you."  Points:2


a. -na
b. -nara
c. -ngui
d. -ni


Translate:  “We are home owners” using the correct suffixes using only two Kichwa words.


Answer:  Wasiyuk anchi.



Read the following sentence: "Chi runa wasi charin."   If the construction is correct write correct.  If not rewrite the word in the correct form. 



wasira or wasita


Short Answer: Translate:  Is it a vine? 



Add Question


It is not a vine.  It is a tree  (3 words two suffixes)

Mana waskachu.  Yurami.



Translate into English:  Suni pangayukchu?
Does it have long leaves?


Translate:  Does its flower open at night?

Answer:  Paywa sisa tutachu paskarin.



Translate: "We want water."


Answer:  Yakura munanchi.   ( Subject is implied and should not be specified).



Translate.  He has a wife.  (Remember that the subject is implied in the verb and need not be articulated.)

Answer:  Warmira charin.

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