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Columnea ericae




Yawar panga / Machora panga

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In Kichwa this plant is called yawar panga “blood leaf” because the tips of the leaves look like they have been dipped in blood. Perhaps for this reason a tea made from the leaves is used to lessen menstrual or postpartum bleeding. The plant is also called Machora Panga “childless woman plant because larger doses are said to end menstruation entirely thus inducing sterility.

Talking about Yawar panga

Machura Panga / Barren Woman Leaf - Clara Santi

This is “Barren Woman Leaf” for not having children. When you gather it that you fast. When you drink this leaf you must fast for a month in order not to have children. This is a bitter [plant]. In order to drink it you steep it. That is what it is good for. “Barren Woman Leaf” we call it. After steeping it you drink it. After gathering the tender, tender leaves you drink it. You fast. You fast for a month. You don’t eat red peppers. You don’t eat salt. You eat [your food] bland. From then on we will not have children. Now once and for all she finishes. Then we will become barren. Its name is “barren woman”. Recorded and translated by Tod Swanson Text in Kichwa Panga man cai, wawata mana charingagua. Tandasha chita sasinami man. Caita upisha sasinami an shu quillata mana wawata charingagua, cai pangata. Cai ayaj man. Upingagua Yanusha upingagua. Chi raigu valin. Machura panga ninchi nucanchi. Chita yanusha upina. Lluluc, llulucta tandasha upina. Sasina. Shuc quillata sasina Mana micuna: uchu; cachi mana micuna. Chamujta micuna. Chimanda ña wawata mana charishun. Ña di una ves saquirin.Ña machura tucunchi. Pai, machura shuti man pai.

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