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Eulodia Dagua, "Ushpa Oritu: The Sound of a Parakeet without its Flock."

From interviews by Tod D. Swanson

Quichua text with English translation

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Tod D. Swanson, "Eulodia Dagua, 'Ushpa Oritu: The Sound of a Parakeet Without its Flock. .’” Youtube video. 2:38. August 23, 2016.


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English Translation

Well when I was growing up I used to feel very sorry for the ushpa orito parakeets. How lovely they would sit there saying chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill chau chau chaula for no good reason. They won't be just right here. They will be in the rullu fruit tree. In our community they are an edible fruit about this size. That tree called rulllu fruit has a scaly bark. Then, when it would bear clusters of fruit, then, my Dad when we were little. When they were gathered in the rullu fruit tree he used to kill them and bring them back. And It was the rullu fruit that they would chew and drop that he would gather and bring back cluster after cluster. It is for that reason that I always feel sorry for that Ushpa Oritu. How I used to listen to him going chall, chall, chall chajlay, My parents were walking happily and now I, all alone, hear the singing of a bird who has been raised as a pet. When I hear that it makes me sad. In your opinion are there lots of them? Look how we are here. We are all happy gathered together here. That is how they are too. When they are all gathered together they are happy singing chall, chall, shall. Then if people capture one and take it away to some different place you will hear it there all alone going chall, chall, shall. And now you too like me have come to be all alone crying chal,l shall. If it was you you would be there jumping around in the tree going chall, chall chall too. Now its only you (all by yourself) who is sounding. And I, like you, am listening to you all alone. We humans get sad like that too. When just one is there all alone? He was alone by himself. He would cry out sadly chall, chall, chall, chall all alone. Then I feel for them when I hear them while I and all my relatives are happy (together). Among themselves they are just going pu, pu, pu, pu then for no good reason chall, chall, sitting up there deafening your ears. Just "pull, pull, pui, pui, palay, palay," the fruits dropping too. Then they are lying there happy too. What is the name of that parakeet? What kind of a parakeet is it? Ushpa Oritu. Did your father shoot ushpa orito parakeets? My Dad used to kill them with a blowgun while they were eating like that.

Kichwa Transcription

Ña kay ñuka wiñay uras, kay a mashti ushpa oritu, chigunataga ña yapa llakijmani ñuka. Imawata llakisha yanga chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill chau chau chaula mashti rullu muyu nishkaybi. Ima mana kayllachu shirij ara, rullu muyu nishka. Ñukanchi llajtayga kay tupu muyu mikuna an aa. Ña kasna yanga ruya karajlla rikurij aparij an chi, chi rullu muyu nishka. Chaymi wangu, wangu, wangu aparishkayga ña. Chita ñuka yaya ñukanchi ichilla ashkayga. Payga chi rullu muyuy tandarishkataga kasnata wanchisha apamusha. Chi rullu muyutawas payna mukusha ichachishkata kasnata chitas wangu wangusha apamugaray. Chiwa raygu ñukaga chi uritutaga ushpa orituta shapa llakij mani. May chall, chall, chall chajlay uyarishkay. Ñuka yayagunanga kushi mashti purij kunan ñuka sapalla may wuyba kantashkallata. Ña chigunata uyashami llakij ani ñukaga. Payguna kan rikujpi, payguna ashka pura aun? Kaybi riki kunan kay intiru tandarishka kushi aunchi, chasnallatas paynawas. Payna tandarishkayga yangas chal, chal, chal, chal chal chal kushita aunguna. Chiga kuti maybi runa apasha shujllayma imata apajpi paywas chall, chall, chall, chall, chall sapalla, uyariunlla. Chiga kambas ñuka shinallachu sapalla tukusha kunan a chall, chall wakaunguiga. Kan ashkaybiga kambas yanga chall, chall, chall, chall, chall, chall, chall yuraybi saltasha siriuchu. Kunan kanlla uyariungui. Ñuka kan shinallata sapalla kanda llakirisha uyauni ña. Kasna runa llakij anchi ñukanchiga. Shuj shuk pay sapalla tiausha? Pay sapalla, paywas llakirisha sapalla chall, chall, chall, chall kaparisha tiaganya pugriga. Chi ñukas llakisha uyani ñuka ayllugunay ñukas win kushi aushkayga. Paynas yanga pu, pu, pu, pu yanga chall, chall, chall, rinriwas surduyana sirij an. Yanga pull, pull, pui, pui, palay palay muyuwas urmaun. Chiga paynas kushi siriyauna. Ima, ima shuti chi oritu ima chi tunu oritu? Ushpa oritu. Ushpa oritu. Kamba yaya apica? Ñuka yaya pukunawa wanchij ara, pukunawa muyuta mikujta chashna.


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