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Iyarina Resilient Forest Project

The Iyarina Forest is a land trust located on the South bank of the Río Napo whose mission is to  maximize the wellbeing of the forest as well as the flourishing of the families who live in relation to it by producing abundant food and medicines as well as by creating employment that combines traditional knowledge and evidence based forestry.   

Success will be measured by

1.  The increased productivity of the forest.

2.  The retention and increase of biodiversity. 

3.  The increased wellbeing (sumak kawsana) of the families who live and work in relation to it.


Shayarina is different from other land trusts in that

The forest is actively managed by an international team of academic and traditional indigenous experts.  For this team the forest is an active research site for seeking solutions to the practical problems threatening the sustainability of Amazonian forest and its communities.


It has a unique administrative structure.   The forest is owned and administered by an indigenous non-profit and advised

The forest economy is mixed but favors a service economy over commodities and crafts. 

It is transparent:  (You can track the location and growth of the forest, the challenges to sustainability being researched, and the growth of its alternative economy, online or by visiting in person.)

Digital humanities- virtual reality component

Seed bank.

Includes wild animal rescue and release center

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 8.30.55 AM.jpeg

"Sustainability Assessment of Smallholder Agroforestry Indigenous Farming in the Amazon:A Case Study of Ecuadorian Kichwas,"

Marco Heredia-R, Bolier Torres, Jhenny Cayambe, Nadia RamosMarcelo Luna and Carlos G. H. Diaz-Ambrona,  Agronomy15 December 2020.


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