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Bélgica Dagua, "Pasu Spirit Woman Gardening Song."

From interviews with Tod D. Swanson

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Tod D. Swanson, "Pasu Spirit Woman Gardening Song.’” Youtube video. 3:36 December 31, 2016.


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English Translation

In Western thinking we tend to make a strong distinction between cultivated fields or gardens and wild areas in amazonian thinking there really isn't a distinction like that because the forest is managed by spirit people it's their garden they manage the animals inside the mountains inside the hills they have the different kinds of animals peccary dear inside their Corral's and they let them out for people to hunt in certain measured quantities and so a space like this is imagined to be a garden a woman's garden even though it's not a human woman's garden it's still a garden that's managed with the same kind of singing as a human woman would manage her garden even though manioc garden generally grow one could grow them one would imagine was simply scientific technology for buna and shwat women a manioc garden grows with a lot of singing and the ritual activity and thought that involves thinking about analogies between the plants are between the plants and family between the woman's body and chaotica this singing to the to the garden and singing to the land increases the affinity between the plants and the earth and the woman brings him into a kind of relationship where the plants grow and these songs are songs that women would sing alone in her manioc garden and we probably learn from her mother or grandmother out when she was walking alone following her mother in in the Chaka songs that probably men wouldn't usually here or that other women wouldn't even really here because they're usually sung alone

Kichwa Translation

Pasu supay warmiga, Chagraybilla, chagraybi. Kanlla munashagaya paktarisha rikusha, Shukuti muyu rishawa. Rikunguimi, rikungui, Kanlla munashagaya. Rikupilla, rikupi kiwas illagmi yari, Wiñashkalla angaya Ñuka chagraybigaya pasu supay warmilla, Tarpushkaybi, tarpushkay. Tuturalla shinami sarawaslla wiñanga, chinda iskinaybilla rikujpiga tarpushka. Kumal lashlla lanza, lanza aparishka mangaya, kanlla munashagaya kuti shu kutinguiwa. Rikunata munasha, rikupi karan parti, Chusku parti rikupi shu, ishki lumullamiya. Wiñashkalla shayaunga kanlla munashagaya, paktarisha rikungui, paktarisha rikungui. Mana imas kiwawas tiangachu, ñukalla pasu supay warmiwa chagraybiga, chagraybi. Kanlla munashagaya kasna, kasna bailangui, kasna, kasna bailasha mana ima tawasya. Tupanguichu, tupangui. Shina cantanaran.

Spanish Translation

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