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Bélgica Dagua, "A forest woman seeks a bride for her son."

From interviews with Tod D. Swanson


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English Translation

She almost married that woman's son. She wanted to. When did you dream (that)? Last night. Last night. That is what I dreamed. About that place over there? Yes. About that place where we were walking (in the forest yesterday). We passed bey a whole community there (of forest people without knowing it). They were there like this, like this. There were houses upon houses in that place. As we were passing by a woman asked, "Where are you from? So then I said, "I am not from around here." "I am from Pastaza. We came here because this father Tomás invited us" I chatted with her. That is how I talked with that woman. That is what the lady was saying...And my sister started joking with her (like I was available)! So when she joked like that I said "I am not single. She is just saying that ma'am." "I have a child," I told her just like that. Like I was awake and sober. So we talked just as though we were talking (here) in this world. So then she said, "No! Marry my son. Stay here." So I said, "No. I have a child." "If he is single I will marry him but I am going to take him over there to where I live," I was saying. So then she was saying to me, "No. Go bring your child (to live here). My son is single." "That is how I dreamed. That is how I dreamed because I walked on my father's land. She was a forest/mountain woman from here? Yes. She spoke to me to ask (for my hand) on behalf of the mountain woman's son. That's how (I dreamed). What did that woman look like? Oh, like a good looking woman. Just like a very human woman. Like a normal woman. There were a lot of them there where we passed by. We passed by like this along the edge of their dwellings. That is where I passed. So as we passing by talking she.... Well we were laughing as we passed by. That's why that woman came out and spoke directly. She was laughing too? She was teasing. That is why she said "Stay here." So then.. I became like one who is afraid," and was saying, "No. lady I am a woman who has a child." "If I were single I would marry your son," I said. And then she.. "He is single," That woman said. She said her son was single, He didn't have a wife. It was when she wanted to give me that young man that I responded to her like that. With what kind of language did she speak to you? She spoke like this, "Stay here! Stay and live here." When she said that I thought, "No! I was sad thinking of my child. So thinking about my child I told her, "I am a mother." Then she said, "No. Go bring your child here." When that woman said that my sister started joking too "Just stay here. No one is going to say anything (to stop you)," my sister was saying. My sister was already giving me away! Then I countered and said "No!" in my dream. That is what I dreamed. So they were laughing at me this morning as we were waking up, "That forest woman probably wanted to give you her son!" "What was her dress like?" Her dress was normal. They were well dressed like this. Like people. Did you see their houses? Their houses are like, like (you know) how tiled roof houses are?They are houses that look like that not like zinc (metal sheet roof) houses. High peaked like tile houses. Not woven thatch? Yes it was like woven but you know how (tiles) appear piled one on top of the other evenly, evenly in rows? A beautiful house like that. It wasn't (woven of) cyclanthaceae leaves. No it wasn't just a cyclanthaceae roof. It was a beautiful (house). You know how the city people live? Like that but it wasn't a transparent (glass windowed) house. It was steep roofed. Yellowish, but a house that looked quite different. There were a lot of (unseen) people where we were walking. And we passed right by their doorway. We (passes) like this. Like this. The house was her like this. We passed right by the place where the house was. As you see it, in the dream where did you find all of that? Was it inside the mountain? in the forest? Had your spirit travelled there? It was over there, there where we were going. It was over there where they are that I met those people. Yes but at night did your spirit travel over there again? Yes it travelled there since I went walking (in that place). It followed the tracks (feeling them in the dark). So there it met them. And they, in the dream, do they come out (from inside) the mountain or did your spirit enter in to there? Well it was when they came out to walk that we met them on the path as we were coming. It was because we met them there that they asked (for my hand). That is how I dreamed.

Kichwa Translation

Chi warmiwa churita ña casi apangata. Munashka. Ima horas nusparangui? Kunan tuta. Kunan tuta. Mmm chasna nuspani. Chaymanda? Mmm chimanda chi ñukanchi riwranchi. Chi shuk llaktata pasashkaranchi. Kasna kasna tiashka anawra. Wasi wasi tiawshkawna chibi. Chi pasajero ñukanchi (riushkay), "Maymanda tangui?" tapuwawshka shu señora. Chi niwkani ñukaga mana kaymandachu ani. "Pastazamanda. Kay yaya Tomas kayakpimi kayma puriwranchi," kwintawshkawni ña kasna kwitanajushkani chi warmiwan. Chi niwshka, chi señora... Ñuka ñaña asiwshkami pay. Chiga asiwkpi, "Mana sultirami," nisha "Mana. Yangami niw señora mana ñukaga solterachu ani. Ñukaga wawayuk mani," nisha kuintawshkawni ña kasna sana shina. Ña kasna pachay shina kuintawshkawni. Chi niushka, "Mana. Ñuka churita api. Kaybi sakiringui," niwan chi warmi. Chi nikpi niwshkawni ñuka, "Mana, ñukaga wawayuk mani." "Pay musu akpiga shinashaga apisha pero ñuka apasha risha," niwshkawni, "chayta ñuka tiawshkata." Chiga, "Mana kamba wawata apakringui. Kay ñuka churita, ñuka churiga musumi," nisha chi warmi rimaushka. Chi chasha muskusha nini, ñuka kasnami muskuni nini yayawa allpama purikpi. Kaymanda urku warmi? A ao. Urku warmiwa churi pay tapusha nisha rimawashka ñukata. Chasnami. Chi señora imasnara rikurika? Ahh, alli warmi. Kay ña runa runa warmi shina nurmal warmi. Ashka tiashkawna chi ñukanchi riwshkata. Kasnata pasawskanchi ñukanchi kasna payguna kasna iskina tiashkata chita pasawshkani. Pasaushkaybimi, payga, chasna nisha kuintasha.... Asishami ñukanchi riushkanchi. Chasnaymi chi señora chasna llukshirisha rimawn shuk ray. Paywas asisha? Paywas asisha chi ña, "Sakiringui!" nisha niwshka. "Sakiringui kaybi," nisha. Chiga. Ñukaga manzharik shina tukusha niushkawni, "Mana señora ñukaga wawayuk mani." "Soltera ashachu kamba churita apishaga" nishkani. Payga, "Musumi!" nira chi señora pay churitaga. "Musu. Mana warmiyukchu," nin. Musu runata kusha nisha payga rimakpi ñuka randi chasha nisha rimashkani. Ima tunu shimiywa rimaka kanda? Ima shina? Kasnay ña, "Sakiri," nira, "chibi." Sakiri kawsangawa kaybi." Nisha rimakpi ñuka, "Mana." Llakiushkara nini ñuka wawata. Ñuka wawata mashti niushkarani. "Ñuka wawayuk mani," nisha. Chi nishka, "Mana apak ringui," nira, "kamba wawataga." "Kaybi sakiringui ñukawan kawsangawa," nisha. Chi señora nijpi, ñuka ñañas ña asiushka, "Sakichinguilla! Mana piwas ningachu." nisha niwshka ñuka ñaña. Ña kuwawshka ñuka ñañaga. Chi ñuka randiga mana nisha rimawsha muskuni chi chasnami muskuni. Chiga sacha runa.. Sacha warmi chari pay churita kunara munaura asiwan tutamanda pagariushkay. Paywa churarina imasnara? Pay churarina ña normal churarishka anaura, kasna alli churarishkaguna manaura. Aah runa shina. Rikukangui payna wasigunata? Pay payguna wasiga kasna imashti kasna imashtijlla rikurij kay imashina teja wasi an? Chasna kwintalla rikurik wasi mara. Mana kay zinc wasi. Kasna teja wasinay. Altu. Mana awashka? Kasna awashka tunu akllata piru kasna imasha tapas tapas, aau pariju puralla shina rikurik chasna sumak wasi. Mana lisanwa? Mana lisan wasi imascha ara. Ña sumak. Kasna awallakta kwinta tianawn? Chasna tununay. Shina. Piru mana chuya wasi chari. Yanga kuska kasna killunay aklla shinaklla rikurik shina wasi. Piru shuk sami rikurik wasi. Ashka runa tiashkanawra ñukanchi purishkata. Chita kasna wasi punguta pasawshkarawchi. Kasnata ñukanchi. Kasnami tiashka wasiga. Kasna. Chi wasi tiashkatatami ñukanchi pasawshkanchi. Kan rikujpu muskuybi maybira tuparangui chita? Urku ukuy? O sachay? Kamba alma chima purishka? Chima, chima riushkaybi chasna tupakanchi. Chima tiawkawna chi runaguna ñuka tupawshkawna. Ari peru tuta kamba alma chima purika kutillara? Chi puriushkanga pay kuti ñuka chi purikrishka akpi. Tantawshkanga chakita. Entonces chibi tupanashka an pay. Y payguna muskuybi, payguna llukshinun urkumanda o kamba alma chima ikuka? Kuti paygunas llukshisha purishata tupanakunchi. Ñambiy tupanaguranchi kasna shamushkay. Chima tupasha payguna kasna tapuwaushka ñukara. Chasna muskurani.

Spanish Translation

Ella casi se casó con el hijo de esa mujer. Ella quería. Cuando soñaste? Anoche. Anoche. Acerca de ese lugar por allá? Sí. Acerca de ese lugar donde nosotros caminabamos (ayer en la selva). Nosotros pasamos por una comunidad ahi (sin saber). Ellos eran de esta forma, así. Habían casas en ese lugar. Mientras pasabamos por ahí, una mujer preguntó: De dónde son? So then I said, "I am not from around here." "Soy de Pastaza. Vinimos aquí porque papá Tomás nos invitó" Conversé con ella. Esto es lo que la señora estaba diciendo...y mi hermana empezó a bromear con ella (que estaba soltera). Entonces cuando ella bromeaba de eso, yo dije: "No estoy soltera" Ella dice de gana eso. "Yo tengo un hijo", le dije así. Como si estuviera despierta y sobria. Entonces nosotros caminamos pensando que estabamos conversando [aqui] en este mundo. Entonces ella dijo: "No! Casaté con mi hijo. Quédate aquí" Entonces yo dije: " No. Tengo un hijo" " Si él es soltero, yo me casaré pero voy a llevarlo alla donde yo vivo", le dije. Entonces cuando ella me estaba diciendo, no, anda a traer a tu hijo [para que viva aquí]. Mi hijo es soltero. Así es como soñé. Así soñé porque caminé en la tierra de mi padre. Era ella una mujer de la selva de aquí? Sí. Ella habló conmigo para pedir (mi mano) a nombre del hijo de la mujer de la montaña. A qué se parecía esa mujer? Oh, como una mujer guapa. Igual que una mujer humana. Habia bastante de ellos ahí cuando pasamos. Nosotros pasamos por el filo de las casas. Mientras pasabamos conversando, ella... Bueno, nosotros nos estamos riendo mientras pasabamos. Por eso esa mujer salió y habló directamente. Se estaba riendo también? Ella estaba bromeando. Por eso ella dijo: quédate. Luego... Me convertí en alguien que tiene miedo. Y estaba diciendo: No señora. Soy una mujer con hijo. "Si fuera soltera, me casaría con tu hijo", le dije. Y luego ella..."Él es soltero", dijo la mujer. Ella dijo que su hijo estaba soltero. Era cuando ella quería darme ese hombre joven que yo le respondí de esa manera. Qué clase de lengua hablaba ella contigo? Ella me habló así: "quédate aquí! Quédate y vive aquí. Cuando ella dijo eso, yo pensé: "No!" Estaba triste pensando en mi hijo. Entonces, pensando en mi hijo yo le dije: soy madre. Luego ella dijo: No, anda a traer a tu hijo aquí. Cuando esa mujer dijo eso, mi hermana empezó a bromear también. Solo quédate aquí. Nadie va a decir nada (para detenerte), dijo mi hermana. Mi hermana ya me había entregado! Luego yo respondí y dije, no! en mi sueño. Eso es lo que soñé. Por eso se estaban riendo de mi esta mañana mientras nos despertábamos. "Esa mujer de la selva probablemente quería darte su hijo" - Cómo era su vestido? Su vestido era normal. Ellos estaban bien vestidos así. Como personas. - Viste sus casas? Sus casas eran, eran (tu sabes) como son las casas con techo? Hay casas que parecen que no son de zinc, altas como casas de azulejos. No de paja tejida? Sí, era como tejido pero tu sabes como unos azulejos uno encima del otro, en filas iguales. Una hermosa casa. No estaba tejida con hojas lisan (paja toquilla). No era solamente un techo de lisa. Era una hermosa casa. - Asi como la gente que vive en la ciudad? Así pero no era una casa transparente (vidrios). Era un techo empinado. Amarillento pero una casa que lucía diferente. Habian bastantes personas donde estabamos caminando. Y nosotros pasamos justo por su puerta. Nosotros (pasamos) así. Así. La casa de ella era así. Pasamos justo por el donde estaba la casa. - Cómo lo viste, en tu sueño dónde encontraste todo eso? Era dentro de una montaña? en la selva? Tu espíritu viajó allá? Fue allá, donde nosotros íbamos. Era por allá, ahi donde ellos están que conocí a estás personas. Sí, pero en la noche tu espíritu viajo allá otra vez? Sí, viajó [mi espíritu] ahí cuando yo fui caminando. Siguió las pisadas. Y ahí se encontró con ellas. - Y ellas, en tu sueño, salen de la montaña o tu espíritu entra ahí? Bueno, fue cuando ellos salieron a caminar que nos encontramos en el camino mientras íbamos. Era porque nos encontramos ahí que ellos preguntaron (por mi mano). Así es como yo soñé.


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