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You Can Make a Difference


The goal is not to stop change but to make our dynamic indigenous cultures and environment more sustainable so they can hold their own and contribute to a globally connected future.

Productive Forests and Food Security

Alternative Economy

Preserving Language and Culture


Alternative Energy and Connectivity

     "Solar Canoes Against Deforestation," Walton Foundation Grant.        PI David Manuel Navarrete


Funded Projects

“Language for Sustainability: Sustaining Biodiversity and Biocultures through Indigenous Languages and Participatory Science” GlobalConsortium for Sustainability Outcomes Seed Grant.. PI. David Manuel Navarrete Co-PIs: Tod Swanson (ASU),
Leah Gerber (ASU), Berta Martin-Lopez (LUL), David Lam (LUL), Tuyeni Heita Mwampamba (UNAM), Ana Escalante (UNAM). 

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