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Pariana radiciflora




Suru panga

Wao tededo:

Yacabe / Nempocayahue

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Suru Panga is a forest floor grass used as a fan and percussion instrument to accompany singing in ayawaska healing sessions. A bundle of suru panga are gathered tied together at the stem. When the ayahuasca begins to take effect the yachaj swishes the air in various directions with the suru panga to clean it of enemy spirit arrows. He may then sweep his own body. As the yachaj begins to sing, he shakes the suru panga fan “wayrachina” over the patient, hitting them lightly. As he moves, the suru panaga makes a rhythmic swishing sound that accompanies the singing as a kind of percussion instrument. The name suru panga represents the swishing sound of the leaf “surú, surú, surú”. Feeling and hearing the rhythmic movement of the suru panga, while smelling its slightly sweet aroma in the dark, can be a magical experience. This action is believed to sweep the body clean of harm sent by enemies and to fan healing “samai” or breath from the forest into the patient. Suru panga is used only by yachajs and only to accompany ayawaska singing. When ordinary family members sweep their children from windsickness “wayrashka” the leaves of other species are used.

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