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Bradypus variegatus




Brown-throated three-toed sloth


Perezoso de tres dedos


Purun Indillama

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Talkin About Purun Indillama

Luisa Cadena - Reflections on the Life of an Unknown Sloth

Poor sloth! She chewed it up to here. Look! With its dull teeth. They say it only eats the tender shoots. Poor thing! Now it is up there sleeping. Umm hmm. Sweetly. Look what it chewed! Look how she left it squeezed out tightly! It eats sweetly poor thing when it’s hungry. It makes its little greens and eats. These are its greens. Umm Hmm. It prepares its greens and eats. Now it is sleeping sweetly, poor thing! Look how sweetly she ate! And she is up there. Up there by her manioc garden. Umm hmm. Her manioc garden? Yes this is her manioc garden. Are sloths like humans? Yes! Like them (people). Poor things! They have gardens. Wherever there are a lots of bromeliads? That is where she will be. (The bromeliads are) growing! Growing! Then when that runs out she will look pitiful hanging up there! Aayy! She will take all day to get down! Sloowly. So they have gardens like us? Yes they have gardens like us. When they see this the men look for the (sloth) searching for the food in order to kill it. Look at that! They want to kill these (sloths). They eat the poor thing. I am not a (sloth) eater! Look if they come and see this they will watch the place, walking around and walking around (waiting for it to come down). When she finishes (the garden) she will climb down those vines pitifully. Then they will kill it and go eat it. They don't feel any pity for it. Who? The men who will take the sloth away to eat it. It ate this last night. Do you think those sloths old? Yes they are old people poor things! If you were to hit it there, it would hold itself there. Wherever you hit it that is where it will grasp. Wherever you hit it, that is where it holds (its wound). And when you do that the poor thing will die. I cried when I saw it. Where? In our community. Then what? It climbed up something like these. See! Like these vines. It climbed slowly to see where the bromeliads were. Poor thing! It was going up there to work in its garden. Then what? Since Leticia did not have anything to hit it with she cut a stick and whacked it and whacked it and whacked it. I left because I did not want to see it. She killed it and ate it. But I am not someone who eats (sloths). Kichwa Text Pugri indillama! Kaygama mukushka riki! Payba rasun kiruwa. Llullullatashi mikushka pugri. Kunan away tiawn puñunmi payga. Aa aa. Mm mm. Llakilla pay... Riki pay mukushkata, Riki! Tiay llapi sakishka. Llakilla mikun ya pugri payga. Pay yuyuwata rasha mikun pay yuyusha. Payba yuyu mawn kayga. Mmm. Payba yuyuta yuyusha mikushka. Kunan, pay kunan llakilla puñun pugriga. Llakilla mikushka man. Awamami tiawn payga, awama. Payba mikuna chagra larumi. Mmm mm. Paywa chagra? Payba chagra kay. Mmm. Indillamaguna runa kwinta anun? Enda. Pay kwinta pugriuna, chagrayuk. Ashka kil tian? Chaybi payga tiawn. Wiñak! Wiñak! Ña chi tukurikpimi llakilla rikurisha warkurishaga aayyy! Shu punzha chishaktami payga raykunga. Allimaaanda! Shinakpi payguna ñukanchi kwinta chagrara charin? Chagrata charin ñukanchi shinallata payga. Mmm. Kariguna wanchingakga kasnata rikusha mikushkawata maskarikta. Chitara riki! Kaytaga wañuchingakga payna mikunawnmi pugritaga. Ñuka mana mikukcha ani. Riki payguna shamuna kasnata rikusha guardanawn. Purinawn, purinawn. Tukuchisha payga llakilla chi angugunata raykungami ña. Chita wañuchinun. Basta pacha! Rinawn mikungawa. Mana llakinawnzhu payta. Pita? Kariguna? Indillamata mikungak apawnguna. Mmm. Kunan tuta mikushka. Kan rikukpi chi indillama ruku anun? Rukuguna pugriguna. Kanga waktanguima, chimi apiringa. Maybi waktakpi, chimi apiringa, may waktakpi chimi apiringa. Ña chashna rawshami ña wañunga pugri. Ñuka wakak marani rikusha. Maybi? Ñukanchi llaktay. Chiga? Kasnata sikawshkara riki kasna anguta. Chiga? Sikawshka allimanda sikawshka rikukpi killga imacha sirira. Pugriga chitacha chagrangak riuralla. Chiga? Chiga chita chi Liticia illaka kaspita pitisha maka, maka, maka. Mana rikusha nisha rirani. Wañuchisha payga mikuk ashca, ñukaga mana mikukchu ani. Spanish Text Pobre perezoso ha comido hasta aquí, solo la parte tierna ha comido. Ahora está durmiendo él, triste debe estar, vea lo que ha comido solo ha dejado la parte dura. Pobre como con mucha tristeza, solo como el palmito. Es comida de él, ha comido solo el palmito y debe estar durmiendo ahora. Tristemente ha comido, él debe estar arriba, su comida está en la parcela. Su parcela? su parcela este todo esto. Son como los humanos ellos. Si, él está ahí por siempre. Cuando se acaba él se cuelga y baja, se demora un día por que baja despacio. Entonces ellos tiene parcelas igual que nosotros? si tienen igual que nosotros. Los hombres buscan esto lo que ha comido para matar. Vea esto, ellos matan al pobrecito para comer, yo no como eso. Ellos guardan estos mientras caminan. Tristemente el acaba de comer y baja ahí ellos matan. Los hombres no le tienen piedad, a quién? al perezoso lo llevan para comer. Anoche a comido, tú crees que los perezoso son ya viejos? si son mayores. Si tú lo golpeas ahí se coge, donde tú le pegas él se coge. Ya de tanto hacer eso el muere, yo lloraba viendo eso. Donde? en mi pueblo. El sube como por esta raíz, sube despacio y lo ves como una hoja. Ahi fue cuando Leticia cogio una rama y le pego y pego. Me iba como no quería ver. Ella sabia comer matando mientras yo no lo comía.

Luisa Cadena - The Sloth is Still in Her Garden

No, the poor thing is still around, look! (Here is) what he’s just eaten. That garden has not been eaten up yet. Look! This is just freshly eaten. Hmmm. Where will he go when he finishes this off? Where is the poor thing going to search? He will go to one of the places he knows. To his garden (his chagra). Where will he go? Well he will go pitifully slooowly climbing up a tree. When he sees the bromeliads, well that’s his chagra, that’s what he eats. You, you said that he is pitiful . . . He will climb pitifully slowly, first with one hand then another. (At that rate) what day will he get there? When he gets there, he’ll sit in his garden and he will pull a (shoot) out and eat it. Pull another out and eat it. Then, when he finishes it all up he will cry ‘Mamaaaa! Mamaaaa! Mamaaa! and someone will hear it when they walk by. That means his chagra is finished. He descends back down to the base and then goes to search (for food) so he can eat, to another garden, a new chagra. Then he will sit there instead. He only eats the tender new leaves of the bromeliads, since he is a sloth. Say again how how pitifully..... He climbs so pitifully (slow). Haven’t you seen it? He won't go fast like some monkey. He will climb sloowly up a tree vine. He won’t climb the tree itself, but a vine on the tree. You know how there are those vines, spread out all over? That’s what he’ll climb, and he’ll arrive at his chagra. When he gets there he will eat up all the tender shoots. Then when he can't get down, after crying pitifully, he.... How does he cry? Mamaaa! like a human baby. It can be heard from far away. It is as if he is saying Mamaa! Mamaa! Because his chagra is eaten? When it is finished, he cries pitifully because he can't get down. After that, he grabs on and backs down (the tree). Then, once again, wherever his food is that’s where he will go climb. That is where he’ll eat. He lives with those (bromeliad plants), they are his garden (his chagra). Well once when (my friend) Leticia, cut a stick off chyuw, and hit him pitifully. When she would hit him, he would grab himself there When she would hit him here, there he would grab himself And when she’d hit here, he’d grab himself there. Then when the poor thing's foot broke off chyuw, he falls backward like this I was so angry, saying ‘Why did you kill him?’ She killed him! She eats them. I am not someone who eats sloths. I feel pity for them because they go about so pathetically. So I don’t eat them. That is how sloths are. Kichwa Text Mana! Pugriga chara tiyawnmi riki! Pay mushuk mikushkata. Charak chari chagra mana tukuriun-ya. Riki! Mushuk mikushka. Ah kay tukuchikpi, payga mayyy . . . Maybi maskanga rawn pobre? Pay riksishkaymi ringa raun pay chagray. Maitara ringa? Kuti ña ruyay payga llakillaaaaaaa sikagringaya Kilta rikusha chiga pay yahcangara pay mikuna . . . Llakilla sikanga maki(w)annn, makiin pay chari, ima pundzha paktangay? Ña pay chagray tiyaringa aysanga mikunga, aysanga mikunga, Ña win tukuchisha, Mamaa! Mamaaaa! Mamaaa! wakanga, shuk puriu uyakpi. Chiga pay chagra tukurikpi. Kutillata sapi raykun, rin maskangawa, mikungawa, shuk chagrata mushuk chagra. Chaybi randi tiyarin. Payga kil, kil pangalla llullulla mikug man pay indillama. Kuti rimay pay, imasna llakilla... Llakilla sikag man. Kan mana rikug angui? Mana dzas ima mono shinaga ringachu! Allimaaaaandami sikanga ruya anguta, Ruyata, mana kay ruyata sikangachu, ña ruya angu. Manachu tiyan chi angucha sa sa-mi, sikanga, paktanga pay chagray. Paktanga chi kugullunta win mikunga. Mana raykunata ushasha, llakilla wakashka washa... Imasnara wakan? Mamaaa! Runa wawa shina karumanda uyarin! Mamaa! Mamaa! nishka shina! Pay chagra tukukurikpi? Tukurikpi llakilla wakan payga raykunata mana ushasha. Ña washaga pay apina rishaga raykushaga, kutillata maypi chari pay mikuna ara. Chibi sikagrin, chay mikun. Chiwan kawsan, payba chagra. Chasnata Leticia kaspita chyuw pitishaga, llakilla waktakpi; Kay waktakpi, chi apirik ara. Kayma waktakpi, chii apirik ara, Kay waktakpi chi... Pobreta chakita pakisha ña chaki, ña chyuwww chasnaaá rawsha urmachisha. Yayta piñag arani, ‘Imawata wanuchingui’? nisha. Wañuchin! Payga mikug ashka, ñukaga mana mikug chani indillamata. Llakini, llakilla purikta mana mikuk chani. Chasna man indillamaga.

Eulodia Dagua - On the Origin of the Flute

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