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Luisa Cadena, "On the return of the animals and the dead."

From interviews with Tod D. Swanson

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Tod Swanson, "Luisa Cadena, 'On the return of the animals and the dead.'" Youtube video. 1:28. March 19, 2016, 2016.


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English translation

Tod Swanson: Will the animals whom all the old people killed, the monkeys, the peccaries? Will they come back to life? Luisa Cadena: After we have been buried they will rise up to replace us. They in turn will rise up, the people, the animals, they will all rise up. And we in turn will go inside, those who are alive now. When a (mass) dying happens, when a punishment is again sent as happened at the beginning of this world. Then we will all go (inside) and all of the animals and people (who went before us) will all come back to life in our stead. They will rise and we, their descendants will go. That is what they have said. Tod Swanson: What kind of animals will rise? Luisa Cadena: All of them! All of the animals that they have killed. All of the game that has been eaten will rise it seems. And the people too will all rise. And we in turn, those who are alive will go in there somewhere. Tod Swanson: Hmm. Inside? Luisa Cadena: Yes! Tod Swanson: And will the earth turn over? Luisa Cadena: Yes! Tod Swanson: How will it turn over? Luisa Cadena: Our father will turn us living ones like this! Or else we might all sink in as a whole. When the earth shakes it will open up awin, awin. And we will go inside ling! And they in turn will come out (of the earth).

Kichwa Translation

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Spanish translation

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