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Eulodia Dagua, "Spirit Masters of the Game Slam the Door and Animals Disappear."

From interviews by Tod D. Swanson


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English Translation

My father used tell how he would be out walking in the forest and come across a lot of game animals... Or when he had just found the game. Then suddenly "luun!" (He would hear the sound of a gate closing). Their amu had locked them up. Just like we call the chickens and lock them up. They say that’s how the amus lock up (their game animals) to keep others from killing them. "When it closed like that, when the slamming sounded and it started to rain a little, I hurried home," my father used to tell us. Their amu is tight (stingy). Yes stingy! Just like we we raise chickens? And someone is about to steal them so we protect them? That's how their amu keeps others from taking them. So they won't take them. That is why he locks them up, he controls access to them.

Kichwa Transcription

Ñuka yaya kwintak ara chitaga kay ña sachata purigawa rin. Chiga ña ashka aichaguna ña tupariun. O sacha aichaguna tuparishkay "luun" uyarin. Chiga ña tapay pasan pay amu. Imasnita atallata ñukanchi kayasha tapak anchi? Chi kwinta shi paywas tapak mitsasha. Chasnami tapak, mashti tapasha uyarira chiwa raygu tamia ansa tukukpi wayra shina samurani nisha kwitak ak ara ñuka yayaga. Amuga mitsak mawn pay chi... A au! Mitsak! Atallata ñukanchi imashinata wibanchi? Chi shuk shuangarawpi mitsanchi? Chasna pay amuga mitsak maun. Ama apinawchu nisha. Chasna ashata ña tapak, mitsan.


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