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Module 2 Overview

During the second week you will learn:


  • to ask information questions such as what, where, when, who (ima, imasna -ra, -pi, -may);

  • to be able to talk about space and time using the directional suffixes -ma, -manda, -gama, -wa.

  • to use the verbal suffixes -chi, -ri, and -mu

  • to use an additional 50 high frequency words increasing your vocabulary repertoire to 100.


In doing so you will also make progress in certain life skill areas included in the USDE FLAS language goals.  These include:

  • Asking and giving directions

  • Participating in a multilateral conversation

  • Learning to talk about the weather in order to increase social interaction.


On Thursday a link to test Test 2 will open.   Please download the test, take it and send it to your instructor by Friday morning. 

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