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Scientific name

Eulodia Dagua - A Bird that Cries When People Die

Don Pedro. What is that bird called? We call it Tara Kwilin. What sound does it make? "Tarr, tarr, tarr, tarr." To signal that death is near “Piriá, piriá piriá piriá piriá" it cries! It cries? Yes. When a person is going to die it cries signaling death. Wherever it alights in the tree it moves like this “Piriá, piriá piriá, piriá piriá" now! Then “Piriá, piriá piriá,” back out to the tip all the length of the branch. It cries like this until evening. Then the next day all day til evening. And the next day til evening it will hear it. Not just for a little while. When someone in your own home is going to die they will come and cry like this right above your doorway. Does the aracari actually feel sorrow or is it just making noise? It probably cries because it is sad that a person is dying. It cries because it feels it. My sister-in-law had two tingula parrots that she raised and she felt for those animals more than she did for people. (Those parrots) called a lot! Not just call a little! Then when their master died.. the parakeets fell silent Chuuun! (Sound of silence). For three weeks they were silent (in grief). They wondered what happened. A whole week and they did not come down (from the tree). Another week they did not come down. Then yet another week Finally on Saturday "Purúk, purúk, purúk!" They heard them speaking up above (in the tree.) When many people come to the wake they come to sit at the place of each person to sing crying like that. “Pizhá, pizhán” it cries and it won't tire out. It's throat. When you kill it and look inside its throat you will see that from so much crying it has formed a lump. From so much calling its throat gets ruined and dries out. And (is it true) that it goes to the place where each mourner will sit? Yes. When it sees where they who are coming are going to be seated the people it moves in the same way. It jumps here. It jumps there. It goes to another branch. It goes like that jumping and jumping and then when it descends toward the ground it signals that the there is very little time left. Even though this is so the person who is going to die is not aware. When a person is about to die unexpectedly they (the birds) know this more quickly. That is why they are the first to be saddened when someone is going to die. They feel sadness. They feel sad? They feel sad and they cry. Then later when the people come they will cry like him. Have you experienced this? Yes. Tell us. I get sad when I hear this thinking how how someone was going to die. Where I live it sang a lot. So I was sad wondering who was going to die? I was sad At the end of our road there was someone who was sort of a family member of my mother's. His name was Osvaldo Illanes. And look! He died. He died quickly.

Prochilodus nigricans_edited.jpg

Photo by: Leandro Rezende

Pterroglossus castanotis




Chestnut-eared aracari


Tucaneta parda


Tara kwilin / Kaka Kwilin

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