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Bélgica Dagua, "Origin of the Woolly Monkeys."

From interviews with Tod D. Swanson

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Tod D. Swanson, "Bélgica Dagua, 'Origin of Woolly Monkeys.’” Youtube video. 6:18. August 11, 2016.


As we recorded this narrative on the Río Tiputini a large flock of woolly monkeys was feeding directly over us. It is for this reason that the narrator seems to whisper.

English Translation

Bélgica Dagua, "The Origin of Woolly Monkeys" The woolly monkey was human in earlier times. He was married. He had a wife. She told her husband that she wanted to make a charge. They talked it over. And he said "Make chicha." "I have a lot of brothers. They are the ones who will help me. (And he left.) So his wife spent her time making manioc beer. But as she filled the tinajas (jugs) she wondered, “Where is my husband? He had said to his wife, “I am going out, but I will come back quickly,” "Lots of my brothers will be coming for a work party (to clear the garden)." So when she had finished making the beer in the tinajas, she got it beautifully ready (for them) to drink, setting out the drinking bowls in stacks so that in the morning, when her brother-in-laws arrived, she could serve them from there. But when she looked for (her brother-in-laws) they say they did not show up. They didn't appear and didn't appear. Then when dawn came she saw that the manioc beer was gone, all the beer she had made. So now she was a hostess with no beer to serve. So the woman said “Where are all those people who were supposed to be here early in the morning? So the woman said to herself, "No, he told me that he would gather right here to drink with his brothers and that is the reason I stayed (to prepare) and am still here" So in the morning (when her husband appeared, she said) "Now go tell your brothers to (come here) to drink." "Ok so I will go tell my brothers," And he left, that wooly monkey when he was a person. So when he left she looked over the chicha pots (again). Gone! That night it had all been drunk up and there was none left. So since the chicha was all drunk up like that she wondered who drank it. There were no people. And when there was none left the woman who had made the chicha wondered "Who could have drunk this?" "I made chicha for my husband. I didn't make chicha for other people! So the woman got angry. (However, she made chicha again) "Tonight I am going to wait up! that woman said to herself. "Now just in case I am going to (wait up) to see who drinks this." She mixed the chicha pot well… She mixed each one of the tinajas and looked them over. Then she put it in her mouth and tasted it like this. "Yes this is strong enough to get my brother-in laws drunk!" she thought. So she got everything ready then waited and waited. As she waited and waited she fell asleep. Then at twelve midnight she (woke up, and when she) looked, she saw that a woolly monkey had come, a capuchin monkey, a sipuru monkey and all of those that are from this forest. All of them. They were all completely naked. It was they whom he called his brothers. And then when they had all come together they drank in the night. (They were just) sitting there in the dark night. They were drinking now. Over there now. That one drinks. “Drink brother!” Now, “You too brother!” He takes one and, tas! he drinks. He would take a bowl and set it out like this in every direction drinking bowls and drinking bowls were set out for them. They were in the dark night now, in the dark sitting there drinking. "Don't laugh brother! You might tip off that sleeper!" They said. If that sleeper, his wife catches on... "If she becomes aware we are going to get told off!" Then as they were all gathered together they say that the squirrel monkey said, "You all aren't giving me drinks!" Tsukrút! tsukrút!” he laughed. Be quiet! You are going to tip her off! (Meanwhile) his wife had hidden and stood watching from a corner! "So this is what you do with the chicha I work hard to make!" Then she grated wituk (black paint). Now you have made me angry. You tell other people to come together and drink without helping me (to make a garden). Now I am going to go talk to my husband and embarrass him right here (in front of his brothers). “Have a drink brother!” they say he said as he offered the drinks. Then she grabbed him and rubbed his face thoroughly with wituk, “ba!” And when she rubbed his face it turned black. Then he said, "Ay! You have figured out who I a!. Now I won't live with you anymore. I am leaving now. Brothers! This is as far as my life with you goes. Now I am going! I am a monkey now. (And crying a wooly monkey cry) "Chuweke!" he jumped into a tree and tiapin, tiapin, tiapin he climbed up. "Now my food trees will be all over this forest and you won't be asked for chicha any more! "Ha!" He said and away mad. And that is how the woolly monkey came into being transformed from a human. And that is why.. You know how some people go drink chicha at night? Till this day they tease them (like this) "What a beginning times woolly monkey going out to drink chicha at night!" Because the woolly monkey used to drink his wife's chicha at night. Right in the middle of the night! When is wife was in a deep sleep. That is how he drank! He gathered all of his brothers together to drink. And they were all of those wild animals who walk with their hands. Those were the ones he invited to drink.

Kichwa Translation

Bélgica Dagua, "Runa Kushillu Tukun" Kushilluta runa chari aj ashka ñaupa. Warmiyuj ashka. Warmiyuj aka. Niska payba karitaga. Kunan kasna pay chagrata rangawa nisha kuintanakushkauna pay kari. Chiga nishka, "Asuangui ñuka waykiguna ashka manun. Paygunallatami yanapay tukushun," nishashi rimashka. Chiga chasna nisha nipiga payga warmiga asuaj askay. Tinajagunay ashkata asuasha, "ñuka kari imashinay shamunga? nijpi. "Puringajmi riuni. Wayra shinami ñukaga vulltianga riuni," nij ashka paywa warmita. "Mingayta rangaj ñuka waukiguna ashka shamungaraunguna," nishka. Chiga payga chi tinajagunata ashkata asuashaga warmiga sumak ña llapisha tutamanda paywa waukiguna shamungaraunguna nisha. Mukajagunataga ña sumakshi churaj aj ashka muntunasha ña chimanda pay apisha upichingaj. Chiga rikujpi manashi rikurij chashka. Mana rikurin. Mana rikurin. Rikujpi, tutamanda pagarishkay rikujpi iIllan chi asuara pagarij ashka. Pay asuashka asua ña illaj warmi. Chiga pay warmiga nigan, "Maymi chiga tutamandashi shamunga?” "Mana," nisha nij ashka. "Ñuka wauki sakichisha kayllay pariulla tandarisha upingawa nisha, nijpimi ñukaga sakirisha chimalla aurani," nisha ya. Tutamanda shinashaga, "Kunan rimajringui marai kan waukigunataga upingawa kaybi," nishashi rimaj ashka pay warmi. Chiga rimajpiga umaj ashka. Chiga chasna, "Shinasha rimangajmi riuni ñuka waukita," nishaga payga rij ashka chi kushilluga pay runa ashkay. Rij. Chiga rikujpi asua mangama rikujpicha illan! Chi tutaga upishka. Mana tiashka. Kasna win asua tukurishkaychu pi upin, runaga mana tiaj ashkauna. Chiga mana tiajpi pay amuga nij ashkay, "Pita upinga kaybi?” "Ñuka kari raygumi asuarani. Ñukaga mana shukguna upingawa raukanichu!" piñarij ashka pay warmi. "Kunanga tutami chapangaruani," nishka chi warmi. "Kunan yangas rikungarauni imas kayta kasna upin," nisha. Chi asua mangata sumakta llapisha karan tinajata llapisha ña rikushka washa. Shimima kasna alli, alli, rasha kamajpiga, "Kayga alli machana man ñuka mashagunata!" machachishami nishashi chi warmiga rimashaga. Payga ña sumak allichisha chapaushka, chapaushka. Chapau, chapau, puñushka. Chiga doce tutaybi rikujpi shamushkauna kushillu, chimanda machin, sipuru, chimanda mashti, ña tukuy kay sachamanda aj. Chayguna ña win runa muyulla ashkauna payguna. Chiga chimi payba waukigunaga nij ashka. Chiga chi tandarimusha paygunaga tuta upij ashkauna, llandu ukuy tiarisha ña tutaga. Ña upiushkauna. Chayga ña chiga upin, "Upin wauki!" ñishka. "Kambas amas wauki!" Apijga, Tas! shu upin. Mukajataga apasha chi, mukajata kasnama churasha karanma mukaja, mukaja, mukaja churashkauna. Tuta ansay ña, ansay tiaun upisha, "Mana asinguichichu wauki. Puñuuj musiangami!" nisha. Rimaun puñuj pay warmi musiasha. Musiasha rimay tukushun. Chiga payguna, chi chasna tandarisha win! Chi barisa, chiga barisashi nira "Ñukata mana upichiwangunachu, tsukrut! tsukrut!" asisha tian.” Chunlla tiay! Kanmanda musiay tukungaruan. Chiga pay warmiga mitikusha kasna esquinamanda shayariasha rikuun. Kayga kasna rashami ñukata taraban asua nisha kasna upij aj ashkauna. Chiga wituktaga shikishaga kunanmi ñukata rabiachiwan nishaga. Kay kasnami kandaga shukgunataga kuintashaga chasna tandarisha upishami mana yanapawan. Kunan karitaga kuintashaga pingachichingarauni nisha, kaybi taj apashaga rishka. Chiga upichiushkashi, "Upingui wauki!" nishashi pay upichiushka. Chaytaga apijga kay witukwanga ba! shi ñaybitaga kakushkaga sumak. Kakujpiga ña shinki ñaybi tukushka payba ñabi. Chibiga ay kunanga musiawanguimi. Kunanga mana kanwanga kausashachu, kunanga riunimi ñuka. Waukiguna kaygamalla mashka ñuka kangunawan kausanaga kunanga riunimi. Ñukata mara ña kushka "chuti!" saltasha ruyama tiapin, tiapin, tiapin awatacha rishka. Kunanga ñuka mikuna ruyaga tukuy kay sachaybi tiajmi tian ñuka mana kanda asuata tapushkanguichu. Aa! nishka shi pay, chasna piñarisha rira. Chimanda kay kushilluga runamanda pay tukuj ashka. Chi raygu kay runa imatas kay tuta upinga asuata rinaun china. Kallary timpu kushillu tuta asuata upingawa nisha rimaj anaun kunan uraspiwas. Kushilluga payga tutallacha asuataga upij aj ashka, paywa warmi asuata. Ña chaupi tutay, chiwas chi cha ña warmis allipacha puñuskaybi chasna upiun ña. Chiga pay win waukigunawa tandarisha upijga ña win kay sacha animal makiwan purijshi tandarij aj ashkauna. Upingawaga. chasna.

Spanish Translation

Bélgica Dagua, "The Origin of Wooly Monkeys" Antiguamente el mono ha sido humano. Tenía esposa. A su esposo le decia que tenian que hacer una chacra. Y él dijo, prepararas bastante chicha porque mis hermanos son muchos, ellos nos van ayudar. Por eso la esposa preparaba la chicha y decía cuando llegara mi esposo. Me voy a caminar y regreso enseguida, decía el, para la minga va a venir mis hermanos. Ella preparaba en la mañana la chicha para que sus cuñados vengan y beban. Tenía todo listo, los vasos para cuando llegue darles de beber. Sin embargo no llegaba, no se veía llegar. En la mañana a lo que ella se despertaba vio que no había nada de la chicha que preparo. La esposa decía, cuando será que vinieron. No decía, como mi hermano me invito a tomar me quede allá. Ahora que digas a tus hermanos para beban aquí. El mentía y salía según el a decir a sus hermanos para la minga, así salía cuando era humano. Ella vea que la chica no había, en la noche an tomando. Quien tomo hasta terminar, no hay gente por aquí. Ella se preguntaba, si por aquí no hay nadie quien tome. Yo preparo para mi esposo no para otras personas, se enojaba ella. En la noche voy a esperar y veré quien toma esto. Decía. Preparaba ollas de chicha y veía. Ella probaba lo fuerte que había preparado, "está bueno para emborrachar a mis cuñados, los voy a emborrachar". Esperaba lista, esperaba y esperaba. Como a la media noche llega el mono con sus hermanos. Sus hermanos estaban completamente desnudos. Se reunían y en la oscuridad sabia tomar la chicha. Tomaban. Hermano tome chicha, tu también hermano, se acababan. Cogían la taza llenaban y bebían. Beban hermanos pero no se rían porque se va a despertar mi esposa. Si se despierta no va a hablar, tomaban reunidos. El Mono Barizo, "A mí no me dieron de tomar" mientras reía. Silencio por tu culpa se va a despertar. Mientras su esposa veía escondida. Para preparar la chicha ella quiere que trabaje en la chacra. Ahora me han hecho enojar decía mientras preparaba wituk. Él toma así con sus hermanos pero no es capaz de ayudarme. Ahora le voy hacer pasar vergüenza conversando. Él tomaba, tome hermano decía él. Ella cogió el wituk y le mancho la cara. Ay ya me descubriste decía el, mientras su cara estaba negra del lleno del wituk. Desde ahora ya no viviré contigo, me voy lejos. Hermanos hasta hoy he vivido con ustedes me voy. Salto a los arboles y se fue. Ahora mí comida está aquí en la selva nunca volveré a preguntar por tu chicha. Ahí fue cuando una persona se volvió mono. Por eso ahora dicen esto cuando va a tomar de noche. Como en los tiempos antiguos vamos a tomar. El mono solo tomaba en la noche la chicha. Cuando la mujer dormía él tomaba a la media noche. Se reunía con sus hermanos y tomaban, con todos los animales de la selva. Tomemos, así.


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